Baby Elephants Are Too Scared To Sleep, Until They Meet An Unlikely Friend And Find Peace

About This Video:

When life deals you a blow, you are scarred for life or for a long time. It takes great effort to overcome trauma and get on with life. Maybe, love is the best medicine.
Watch the two baby elephants Aya Mye and Mary. The two adorable calves experience a heavy loss, when their loving moms were killed by poachers. The entire ordeal had deeply pained them and they had lost all sleep. They keep recollecting the ordeal.
Now they were in safe territory at the elephant camp, Winga Baw Myanmar. The elephant are still unable to come out of their nightmare. For weeks they were unable to sleep. The caretakers were unable to get them to sleep.
It was then that Lek, one of the caretakers came to the rescue.
Lek had put the little ones to sleep at home and she knew how to deal with these calves.
She slowly sang a favorite song of hers. Just watch the calves draw closer to Lek, as she sings out her song.
Fondly, she stretches out her hand, to slowly muzzle one of the little calves. The calf is comforted.
The second calf also draws nearer. Just see how comforted the calves are by the song.
They draw closer to Lek. Their tired eyes close drowsily. The calves are slowly comforted.
Their eyes seem so peaceful after a long time. Their troubled times are over.
One of them slowly touches Lek with his trunk. The person singing the song feels good to the calf. Just watch the calf touch her eyes, nose and mouth. The person can be trusted.
It is so touching to see the little calf gently search Lek for genuine love and affection. Man in his cruelty and greed had totally destroyed the animal’s security.
See how the trunk searches for love. Is she true? Can she be trusted? Will she take care of me? It keeps searching and searching….
Feeling comforted by the touch, she relaxes.
Now she drops down on all four and relaxes. Lek continues her slow song. She rubs her hand against the body of the elephant. The second calf also feels that Lek can be trusted. She too lies down.
Watch how tired the calves are. They have relaxed. The ordeal is over. Now they are in safe hands. The hands rubbing them and the voice singing the song will definitely not hurt them.
Watch how both the elephants just go to sleep. Not only sleeping, they are fast asleep. Lek rubs her hands against both the elephant calves. She continues with her crooning sound. They are most comforting. Surely, the voice may not win an Oscar award for best singing, but it has won the heart and confidence of two deserted elephant calves.
The calves are now fast asleep. After weeks, they have relaxed and are sleeping. The entire scene is breathtaking and touching.
Cruelty to animals has to come down. Trauma is felt not only by man but also by animals.
The elephants have touched a sentimental chord in those viewing them.

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