Ellen Fires Back With ‘Crowing’ Ceremony After Bullies Pull Cruel Prank On Girl At Homecoming.

About This Video:

One of the most difficult things in our country is being a teen. Especially being a teenage girl. It’s very uneasy and can be really frustration especially if a person does not have people to back her up.

For this little girl, things proved to be really tough as she was a little different from other girls her age and this making life unbearable for her. Normally, when you are a little different, you become an ideal target for bullies as they tend to practice most of their newly discovered skills on you and this includes pranks. For this little girl who goes by name, Lillian, life was extra tough. She didn’t get to spend any of her days with friends at school. Instead, she would often be found alone because every time she tried to mingle with others, she often got bullied and thus ended up regarding herself as an outcast who no one wanted to associate with.

Apart from regarding herself as an outcast, Lillian was at one point nominated to be the homecoming queen at her local school. As expected Lillian was confused by the news because she of all people was the least expected to be nominated for such an influential position in the school but it happened anyway. But with this confusion came excitement because she knew that becoming homecoming queen, Lillian would eventually start being liked by her peers.

With all the excitement that had engulfed Lillian, she later on discovered that there was nothing authentic about her nomination. In fact, the Nomination was a cruel prank cooked up by the other students from her school. Lillian’s only friends Anahi and Naomi were the ones who were nominated and they said if one of them won the crown, they would hand it over to Lillian. On homecoming, it was Ahani who took the big crown and as promised, she immediately handed it over to Lillian, it was such an emotional moment that got the attention of Ellen Degeneres who invited the three girls to appear on her show. Watch what Ellen does for the 3 girls, amazing!

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