Choir Creates The Sound Of A Rainstorm Using Their Hands In Awesome Cover Of ‘Africa’

About This Video:

The Angel City Chorale (ACC) showcases the spirit and diversity of Los Angeles with its members and outreach. Artistic Director Sue Fink founded ACC in 1993 with just 18 singers. Today, their number has swelled to over 160 singers! Fink is also the conductor of this group of talented singers. She is high-energy and has a unique spirit. Fink is an accomplished singer-songwriter having released two critically acclaimed albums.

In this video, ACC performs the hit song “Africa’ by Toto. The song has been covered by many musicians since 1982 – but none of them can match the excellence and creativity you will see here! The choir starts by rubbing their hands together, soon it sounds like rain! Then the rain gets harder and then lightning and thunder – and that is just the introduction to the song. You will be amazed by this cover and may want to watch it again!

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