Ellen Catches Audience Member Stealing Merchandise and Decides To Teach Her A Lesson

About This Video:

In one session of her fabulous show, The Ellen Degeneres show, Ellen decided to bless her audience with free goodies. The goodies where souvenirs and there was only one rule when it comes to enjoying the souvenirs. Each audience member was supposed to enjoy only one souvenir.

If you are like me, you are already sensing that there was something fishy about all this. Because from the way I know Ellen, she is someone who loves to play a lot of games and obviously there was a condition behind that one souvenir. Wanna know what the condition was? A secret camera. So, when the show started a playback was done to see the activities and how members of the audience collected their souvenirs. As expected, most of the audience members were surprised that they were being filmed but it was no big deal as most were honest to the rule.

Well, most, not all were honest as there were some who just couldn’t get enough of the souvenirs. It was a both funny and embarrassing moment because, seriously, being caught stealing souvenirs on national TV, that’s just not easy to handle. But from all the guys who had their fair or rather unfair share of souvenirs, one stood out. A lady named Nancy. Instead of getting one, she really had a couple. A simple glance on Nancy and you could see the wave of embarrassment clearly showing on her face, it was really humiliating. For stealing multiple items of merch, she had to be called forward and stand at the stage close to Ellen for the lesson of a lifetime. What a nice show!

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