This Funny IKEA Commercial Shows When It’s Time To Move Out Of Your Parents’ House

About This Video:

Living with your parents is comfortable. You don’t have to pay rent, there’s always something to eat in the fridge, and your mom is probably not going to let you wear that same pair of dirty jeans for a week. But no matter how convenient it is to postpone leaving home for as long as you can, it comes a time when you have to leave the nest and spread your wings into adulthood. Because things are bound to get weird if you stay home longer than you should.
You’ll notice your parents will start to treat you more like an adult, which means there are probably going to be some awkward conversations at the dinner table about sex, money, and other touchy subject that most people don’t feel comfortable talking about with their mom and dad.
And if your parents really want you out of the house, they’ll start giving hints. You mom is probably going to tell you something weird about how she and your dad are starting to experiment more and how they want to turn your room into an adult play room.
In other words, they will start acting a lot like the parents in this hilarious commercial by IKEA.

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