He Set Up A Hidden Trail Cam To Catch Poachers. But What The Camera Caught Instead Made His Jaw Drop

About This Video:

For years now, cameras have changed the way we view things.

They’ve allowed us to capture many moments and things, places and people and all other types of things that we use to remind us. Sometimes, they even capture things we can’t always explain, and those are the things that tend to be the most interesting.

This video comes from us thanks in part to trail cameras that were originally set up just to catch some suspected poachers. Generally, these types of cameras are used by hunters and property owners to view their surroundings. But I highly doubt they expected to catch these ‘mists’ of light, or the unexplainable creature or two.

There’s a few that are pretty creepy, but the ‘creature’ is by far the craziest! Share, creep out a friend tonight!

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