Kelly Clarkson Sings Memorable, Emotional Song On Idol And Keith Urban Cant Hold Back Emotions

About This Video:

The aftereffect of Kelly Clarkson singing straight from the heart had the whole crowd of onlookers in an fit of tears. Here was a past victor standing center stage on the show that changed her life, returning for the last season, singing one of her own special tunes while pregnant. The heap of feelings was as high as could be. While the board of judges sat in the front, their feelings could be viewed as clear as the blue sky. One judge specifically couldn’t keep down the tears from surging down his face.

Watching her enthusiastic execution while hearing exactly how lovely she sounded, it didn’t take much for the tears to spring to everybody’s eyes out in the group of onlookers also. Keith Urban couldn’t conceal the way that her touching melody had a tremendous effect on his heart.

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