NFL Player Locks Himself In A Hot Car To Send A Strong Message To All Dog Owners

About This Video:

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend but the major underlying question is this, “Are we best friends to dogs as they are to us?”

There are a lot of things that we do on a daily basis that don’t seem impactful at a glance but really hurt to the ultimate core. One of those things is the way we tend to leave our dogs in the car when we go to the shopping mall or visit a place of interest.

One guy had to go out of his way to highlight this issue. It is said that it takes a voice to make a statement but it takes creativity to make an impactful statement. And this National Football League superstar had to go out of the way by inflicting himself with the very wounds we inflict on our dogs to send a message to dog owners.

In fact, this super amazing NFL star also risked his life whilst doing this. The name of the player is Tyrann Mathieu and he plays for the Arizona Cardinals. His motivation for doing this is that he was getting frightened about the number of dog owners who tend to lock their dogs in the car amidst the sweltering heat in these cars.

Tyrann locked himself in his car for a total of 80 minutes. The temperature in the car for those 80 minutes that Tyrann was in it rose to over 97 degrees. Thinking about this made me emotional, so this is what our dogs go through each day? Watch and share

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