Officer Stands In The Corner During Dancer’s Performance, This Powerful Ending Has Everyone Talking

About This Video:

Sometimes, in whatever line of work you may be involved in, you have to exhibit your human side so that people may feel more comfortable whilst associating with you. When we often hear the word cop, most of us tend to think of the illegal things we have done and how we haven’t been caught. Well, maybe you don’t but I do! Being a police officer is very risky and police offices tend to work very long hours whilst protecting us when we soundly sleep in the comfort of our own homes.

Although these police officers tend to go above and beyond while protecting us, most of us tend to be really reluctant when it comes to appreciating these officers for the great work that they do and it’ just heart breaking. Which is why when Tyler Olsen chose to dedicate a dance routine to the officers, everything then was just extra special.

This wonderful dedication coupled with a breath-taking performance made the night special. When Tyler starts dancing, she starts quietly crouched down in one corner of the stage and the officer was standing motionless on the other side. Tyler started dancing to the song ‘Policeman’ by Paul Harvey. The performance and the way Tyler danced to the song was just way out of this world as he did this in such an amazing way.

In the final moment, Tyler puts her hand on her chest and looks over her shoulder at the officer standing behind her – what she does next is certain to bring tears to your eyes! Watch below to see the surprise ending to this spectacular routine!

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