Watch When This Pygmy Goat Approaches Puppy, The Puppy’s Reaction Is Priceless!

About This Video:

One of the most amazing things about animal interactions is that they are unpredictable. Each and every day, you will get to see an amazing and really emotionally arousing things happen.

Sometimes, two species of animals that are completely worlds apart will come together. And when they do come together, what normally forges out from there is a great relationship that cannot be separated by anything. And just for spoilers, I know that there’s an amazing feeling that comes whenever you see animals from different species getting along. It’s just super satisfying that I can’t seem to get over this video. That’s why I’ve been repeating it since.

In this particular video, the two animals getting along are a goat and a dog. Dog is overrated, okay, a goat and a puppy. I know if you are an animal lover, you are probably saying OMG, how is that even possible because puppies are known for being afraid? They are especially afraid of big animals with horns but yeah, the case here was different. The name of the Pygymy goat was Pipsquek and the Puppy’s name Snowflake. Pipsquek had his own reputation of being aggressive and was finding trouble making friends with the puppies.

If you know the film beauty and the beast, then you’d know who is who between Pipsquek and Snowflake. Whilst Pipsquek ‘the beast’ was having a hard time making friends with the puppies due to his aggressive nature, Snowflake ‘the beauty’ saw something else in Pipsquek that make him a great choice for a friend. The best thing about all of this is that Snow white did not only become Pipsquek’s friend, she also became an advocate and Pipsquek’s ‘personal mentor’. Eventually, because of Snow white’s assistant, Pipsquek became a great friend with the dogs. Happy watching!

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