Salon Teaches ‘Bride-To-Be’ A lesson After Catching Her Walking Out After $900 Worth Of Services.

About This Video:

A wedding can be pretty hectic and stressful and sometimes stressful conditions can cause someone to do really horrible and stupid things. The logistics are just a lot especially with the bride, from the flowers, to the makeup and all other things. This bride to be was in such a situation and she did something horrible that she’ll probably regret for a lifetime and yes, she really wasn’t a bride to be.

This woman walked into a California based salon and her reason for doing this was because she was almost crying because she looked horrible about her appearance. The salon attendants and stylists felt pity for her and decided to give her some of their best services.

The only mistake the stylist did was to give the lady her services without getting more information on her and they didn’t even know her last name. Her first name was Ashley though. The lady first spoke to Samantha, a stylist in the salon and lied to her that she had booked an appointment with the salon. She also explained to Ashley how she had to feel good about herself as she had a pre wedding photo-shoot the next day.

Ashley immediately got booked and the salons stylist immediately began working on her. The stylists worked on Ashely for a total of six hours for a total value of $900.

After all work on her was done, Ashely stupidly lied that she needed to visit the restroom and sneaked out through the front door before making an escape for it without paying her bill. The only mistake Ashley did is that she didn’t hide her face from the surveillance camera.

The surveillance video was posted on Facebook and other attendants from local salons pointed out that the very same ‘bride to be’ had tried to scam them using the very same modus operanti.

With no idea who this woman actually was or her whereabouts, the salon posted the footage to its Facebook page. And what do you know? A stylist from another local salon claimed the suspect did the exact same thing to her!

The story ended up at the police and the police handled the situation exquisitely. Just watch and share!

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