Sleepy Boy And His Cow Lose Out At The Dairy Fair, Fall Asleep And Goes Viral!

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Bonding love is a rarity. Friends develop bonds, siblings develop bonds, and parents love their children. But animals? Yes. When animals develop bonds with humans, it is a rarity.

Laura and Jeremy Miner had been in the farm for many years. As grownups, they miss the farm life. They are now living in cities and are far away from nature. But the real environment found in farm life has made them treasure it. They love the days spent on farms. Now they want their children to experience the farm life that they had experienced.

So what did they do to keep them connected to farms?

The parents borrow animals for the summer and make their children take care of them. Mitchell Miner’s love for animals grew and soon he participated in a dairy cattle show, taking place at Iowa State Fair. But Mitchell and his cow Audri, ended up in the fifth position.

Yes! They had lost in the competition. Of course! You do lose some. Both of them are not disappointed but feel exhausted.

They had been up all day. The big day had dawned perfectly, the competition was exciting, the two had participated, but, Audri was unable to clinch the prize. The excitement of the competition was too much for the little boy and his cow. Both of them took a small snooze.

Just look at the cozy scene. Audri the cow is resting and the boy rests on the belly of the cow and the cow in turn rests on the boy. What an adorable scene. Touching!

Love, Peace, contentment and rest! All emotions displayed in one small posture.

The scene was too sentimental for Jeremy. Jeremy took a snap of the two dozing away and showed it to others.

Guess what happened? The pic went viral and has won great applause. They lost the cattle show, but won more fans through it. They lost the competition, but they won through their bond.

Exhaustion and excitement has just worn the two out. They had been up and around all day and a small rest after the excitement died down, has put them both to sleep. The open air, the soft hay and the gentle breeze was too much for the duo and they are off to snooze and dream.

The boy just relaxes against the soft belly of the cow. Audri likes the boy with his gentle and loving behavior and sleeps on him.

Cows do not generally bond with people. But the gentle boy was so adorable.

The scene is perfect. The picture was perfectly taken too.

What a sight? No wonder, many have applauded the picture.

Now, Audri is back in the dairy farm and Mitchell is back with his parents. But the reunion will definitely take place. Genuine love and friendship will never die, when the bond is thick.

You win some and you lose some.

The duo lost the competition but…

The duo has won each other’s friendship and the applause of millions who viewed the pic.

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