Watch What This Baby Does When He Realizes His Favorite Part Of The Song Is About To Come On.

About This Video:

Oh babies, who doesn’t love them. Well, this one in particular has some cool dance moves and an amazing taste of music. This video is so funny that it’s worth repeating one hundred times over. Just amazing.

Some of the dance moves being pulled off make it difficult to believe that this is just a little guy pulling them off.

The baby’s name in Barnold and as it turns out he is a huge fan of Will Smith, bless you Will! When I first heard the song, I thought it was going to be another Kindergarten song but nonetheless, as it turns out, little Barnold is a huge fan of Will and he really loves to get all bubbly with him.

I was quiet amused because Barnold seemed to really get the song and understand the timeline of the song including some of the song’s most enjoyable parts. He even formed his own routine that goes with the song.

I’ll have to say, with such an impressive showing, Barnold doesn’t really deserve to be called little because he outperforms some grown adults out there in rocking the dance floor. Barnold was even extra careful to ensure that the dance floor was to his liking before rocking it. Now tell me, how many kids do that?

By just watching little Barnold, you can easily get convinced that he’s got his choreography spot on. He’s going to be a rally great dancer if not the best.

At the same time, Will Smith must be applauded. Because an ancient myth says if you craft a work of art that rhymes with kids, that piece of work is a true masterpiece. Thanks Will for creating a true masterpiece that little Barnold is really enjoying to the fullest. Nice dance moves Barnold, spot on my man!

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